Sunday, May 15, 2016

PolyMeme ESP and Triggerbot | PolyHack | Undetected | Open-Source

PolyMeme ESP and Triggerbot | PolyHack | Undetected | Open-Source

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:171379167 [Feel free to add me]

Notes: Added ESP to this version.

What is a PolyHack and why is it superior to other hacks?
A PolyHack is a regular CS:GO hack, but it utilizes Merccy's PolyLoader's string swapping and encryption. It makes it very hard for VAC to detect the cheat, as every hack you load is different to another person's, so the signature keeps changing.

Auto Pistol[Hold Mouse1 and it will automatically shoot your pistol]
ESP[Green][Blue if over enemy and visible]
Triggerbot[Automatically shoots over a enemy]
Triggerbot Delay[How long before the triggerbot shoots]

How To Use:
Hold shift when you want the triggerbot to activate.

WasserEsser for some things
Adri308 for commenting code + bug fixing
Lord Helios
codergod(offset updating)

Virus Total

Sorry Codergod for stealing your layout. Check him out

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