Tuesday, May 24, 2016

League of Legends ZyH v1.9 [Zoomhack, LastHit] (6.10)

League of Legends ZyH v1.9 [Zoomhack, LastHit] (6.10)


Now LastHit should work for everybody .

How to use?

1. Download this injector http://www.hotshotgamers.net/2015/10/extreme-injector-v361v.html

2. Dowload this hack

3. Open League of Legends and go match

4. Open Extreme injector then click "Add DLL" choose this hack you downloaded "League of Legends ZyH v1.9.dll"

5. Press Inject

6. You should see this

7. You will see hotkeys and stuff on League of Legends

How to use LastHit?

1. Press F2 to enable it

2. Choose hotkey

3. Put your cursor on enemy minion and wait

Why i dont see any text after i injected?

Your game must be on Borderless or Windowed

Virusscans :



Credits :



To do :

Better menu

Add more features. Please suggest something.

Video :

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