Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dallmage BS EU +/-

Dallmage BS EU +/-

#Only for BS EUROPE

All weapons without exceptions.
Leecher Zone again cannot edit my message credits, try and gain a surprise MtFKs.

How to use:

You can control the number of bullets per click pressing arrow up or arrow down.

Arrow UP = Increase one bullet.
Arrow Down = Descrease one bullet.


Note: Have a limite of bullets exemplified in this equation:

Where X is the number of bullet(s).

- If you exced the limite, so, you are unable to increase/decrease bullets, then press buttom END for restore default bullets and return increase/descrease(UP/DOWN).

Virus scans:

Credits: Minerva & @Coder.Dash²(the Chaoz Coder BR). 



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