Saturday, April 9, 2016

D3D ZM MODE v.5.1

CrossFire D3D ZM MODE v.5.1

1 wallhack - see enemies through walls
2 see ghosts
3 increased damage
4 always golden head
5 speed knife
6 long knife
7 and other good stuff
1 may dalawang file po yung loob zm exe tapos dinput.dll extract nyo yung dalawa
2 cut nyo yung dinput.dll sa folder ng crossfire ph
3 run as admin nyo po yung zm exe
4 run nyo na cf nyo tapos may lalabas na box enter nyo po to ()
5 ok nyo lang yung lalabas na pop up
6 mang inis na kayo ng mga normal user required yan /ahah/ahah/ahah
ewan ko nalang pag na detect agad yan

Virus Scan 

mamaya ko nalang po upload yung lumilipad :D

kay kuya centurion

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