Friday, April 1, 2016

CleanWallHack with Chams

Warrock Philippines WallHack With Chams

Windows xp = Not Tested
Windows Vista= Tested and Working Fine
Windows 7 32bit = Tested and Working Fine
Windows 7 64bit = Tested and Working Fine
Windows 8 = Not Test
Windows 8.1 = Not Tested
Windows 10 = Not Tested
Windows 10.1 = Not Tested

Post Screenshot in Other OS if Working ..

1. Extract it into RaR
2. Run as Admin the Loader
3. Open Warrock then Start Game

Not Working Loader ?
Not Responding in Injecting?

Download This Below 

ScreenShot in Game

Virus Scan : 

Dont Worry for it Just a False Detection

Download Link :

Please Approved :D

-fLux , pceumel ,DrUnKeN ChEeTaH ,Mae

Download Now


  1. Sir Why i can't download this file ? i already click all the download button .. When i click on it Somthings appeared . like LiveSportReminder .. Can you teach me how to download it please ? :(

    1. or just send me the direct download link of this file :(