Thursday, March 17, 2016

Weapon Hack Full Weapons Gold + TotalItem Bypass BLACKSHOT GLOBAL

Weapon Hack Full Weapons Gold + TotalItem Bypass BLACKSHOT GLOBAL

Hello everyone, I bring you a very difficult hack to do and little seen in forums

Functional Windows 7 64-bit, Not tested on other Windows

The video is in Portuguese but leave a tutorial in another language,The standard weapons were exchanged for Gold weapons, AK47 Gold weapon is in place Weapon M16A1, she's the one that does not appear in the video, the grenade was replaced by Plasma


1 Follow the tutorial where to place the folder;

2- Open Extreme Injector and leaves the settings that are on the video;

3- After Injected press HOME the BlackShot END screen and the loading screen to activate TotalItem Bypass,
without it can not use the Weapon;

4 When you are inside the room number 1 Press to activate Weapon, Press B, select your weapon,
Press B again after selecting the weapon and after being with the gun in hand Press 2 to disable Weapon,
either fast or game will close;

5 Important to remember, you can only enable and disable Weapon at the time to be born,
do not try to pick up the weapons of the Weapon in the middle of the game or the game will close;

6- Finally, once you have chosen the weapon no need to make the process of activating and deactivating,
just do the process if you select another weapon,
weapons that are not part of the hack weapon can be selected without you need to enable or disable Weapon Hack

Jotti Scan 
Virus total 


Robin (TotalIten.BSV)

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