Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weapon Hack All Server (BS-Sea) - 20/03

BlackShot Weapon Hack All Server (BS-Sea) - 20/03

Hello Everyone, There is a new version of WeaponIndexError Bypass+TotalitemBypass , Fully Works.

WeaponIndexError Bypass+TotalitemBypass - Updated 20/03
Replace all Old Hack Files by the New Hack Files!

Use Undetected Injector

Paste MrJunior.nif: BlackShot\data\Character\Kei
Paste TotalIten.bsv: BlackShot\Data\_SG\_SEA\CSV
Paste TotalIten.bsv: BlackShot\Data\_SG\_ID\CSV
Paste TotalIten.bsv: BlackShot\Data\_SG\Csv

On loading Animations Screen Press HOME , On loading Weapons Objects Screen Press END. [TotalitemBypass]
Press F9 while in GAME, BEFORE Change Weapon [WeaponIndexError Bypass]
Press F10 while in GAME, AFTER Change Weapon [WeaponIndexError Bypass]

Note : Please not say it does not work if you dont know how to do it properly. Do not spam hotkeys
while loading, click on the taskbar of your computer to prevent "blackshot stopped work" after it
press hotkeys at right time.

New Update :

Waller Added:- #ScreenShot

More Items:- #ScreenShot

Credit's MassageBox Removed:- #ScreenShot

Video :
#Video Hack Tested (InGame)

Weapon List :

Changed Weapon List:-


AK47 - AK47-G
M3 Super90 - M3-G
Desert Eagle - Desert Eagle-G
Meat Hammer - Meat Hammer-G


M870 - NX1 Judgement
M16A1 - NX1 Vengeance
MP5 - NX1 Cyclone
SSG82 - NX1 Deathbringer
MK23 - NX1 Destiny
Knife - NX1 Swiftblade
Frag Grenade - NX1 Storm


MG36 - ARX-160 Garena
MP7 - MP5 Garena
SWM500 - Auto-9 Garena
Jungle Knife - Garena Axe
Flash Bang - Garena Grenade


M4 Super 90 - MASS-NZ1100
HK 416 - AK103-NZ1
M4A1 - M4A1-NZ1
wa2000 - SASR-NZ109
Dive Knife - NZ1 Knife


SCAR - AK47 Gold Moon
M24 - M24 Golden Star
Hatchet Thorn - Gold Dragon Sword
SAI - Gold Trophy
Shamshir - Golden Star Trophy
MK2 Grenade - Golden Star Grenade
GreyWolf Grenade - GoldWolf Grenade

Scan's: [Updated]
[0/21] [0/56]


@Armored- [WeaponIndexError_Bypass Code]
@bengaludo [TotalitemBypass Method]
@Coder.Anonymous - CyraxSector
@failnoobgamer [Nif File]
Credit's DLL/TotalIten Edited by: @nikazizi97

Maybe it's my last update for this Hack.

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