Tuesday, March 22, 2016

LoL Ping Checker [v1.1] UPDATE!

LoL Ping Checker [v1.1] UPDATE!

So this is the new and improved version of my LoL Ping Checker!
This tool allows you to find out your ping before you go in-game. Currently working for EUW, NA, OCE, EUNE
Why? I see you're asking.... Well, that's simple. You don't want to start a match when you're lagging, do you?
This tool can minimize that scenario!

--- Update ---
I've added a new, nicer looking Metro GUI.
I've added 2 new servers - OCE and EUNE
Fixed various problems and slight issues.
--- Update ---

--- Image ---

--- Image ---

--- Virus Scans ---
--- Virus Scans ---

The tool wont run without adding the dll's into the same area as the program!

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LOL Pink Checker Tools

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