Saturday, March 5, 2016

K7C Multi Hack v1.4.2 [Public] Legit/Rage

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 K7C Multi Hack v1.4.2 [Public] Legit/Rage

Author: Kyuubi (KyuuBiJaJ)
Status: Undetected (03.03.2016)

- AimBot
- Visibility Check
- Rage Mode
- Glow ESP
- Glow ESP Visible
- Glow ESP Defusing (you must have checked visible)
- Radar Hack
- Trigger Bot
- Trigger Bot Delay
- Trigger Bot After Shoot Delay
- Bunny Hop
- No Flash
- No Flash Power


1. Run CS:GO
2. Run cheat.
3. GL&HF


K7C Multi Hack v1.4.2
- Updated to version CS:GO
- Added Glow Esp Defusing (you must have checked glow visible)
- New Signature.

K7C Multi Hack v1.4.1
- Fixed AimAssist
- Fixed AimBot
- AimAssist is now a little faster
- Added Glow ESP Visible
- Changed Trigger Bot Delay to 80
- Changed Trigger Bot Delay After Shoot to 90
- New Signature

K7C Multi Hack v1.4
- Added AimAssist
- Added Aim if shooting (for aimbot ofc)
- Fix for glow esp because "lagging"
- New Signature GL&HF

K7C Multi Hack v1.3
- Updated to version CS:GO
- Added Rage Mode
- New Signature

K7C Multi Hack v1.2.1
- Fixed Glow ESP, now working fine.
- New Signature.

K7C Multi Hack v1.2
- Smooth limit was increased to 40 (now 40+smooth = 0 smooth)
- Updated to version CS:GO
- New Signat

K7C Multi Hack v1.1.2
- Fixed trigger bot
- New Signature

K7C Multi Hack v1.1.1
- Updated to version CS:GO

K7C Multi Hack v1.1
- New Signature
- Cheat now uses less CPU
- Aimbot now looking more legit

K7C Multi Hack v1.0
- First Release


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