March 12, 2016

HP Mastery Bug 2.0

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So, the update is here

So, this tool will improve a lot the mastery bug:

Follow this 3ª steps:

1ª) Create a URF mode 2x2, you must be 1ª player in red team.(You not need be host, like this you can request to a friend enable the hack to you bcuz hack just is enabled with host, prevent your acc be banned)
Make Free kill, killing the players of Blue Team.
Before each Kill press hotkey "E" 1 time, give 5 shoot in head of enemys, press "E" again for disable HP and kill him with HeadShot.
You will receive +700+ per kill, instead normally that is only 30+/40+.
With HP just need 30 or 40 kill for each weapon that you wanna increase level instead
3ª)[/B] After Freekill, create a BD room and spam F5 buttom until error UDP ports appear, close the UDP message and enter in shop, press ESC to return to main BD screen and do it again. (Repeat this process 5 times)

3ª) After done 5 times the 2ª step, Get out of channel and re-enter in any channel, so, repeat 2ª step.

Note 1: Before do 1ª step make sure that you spam F5 buttom the UDP message is showed to you, if not you are unable to do mastery bug.
Note 2: FreeKill need do 1 only time.
Note 3: You cannot enter inside of match after freekill, if you enter you need do frekill again(Frekill is boring, happened to me)
Note 4: This hack only is enabled with host, so, go to to Brazil p2p Channel(use VPN, WTFast, Proxifier, etc.).
Note 5: infinite bullets was add, just drop weapon increase amount of bullets.

Virus Scans:
Total & Jotti

Credits: Yulu & Coder.dash²

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