Saturday, March 5, 2016

DaLLmage Sea & EU (ALL Weapons) 2.0

DaLLmage Sea & EU (ALL Weapons) 2.0

Damage for all weapons, Sea & EU.

All weapons without exceptions.

How to Inject:

Download Insane Injector

In both games the number of bullets per click can be controlled using numpad keyboard:

Numpad X = X bullet(s)

Where X is an integer number from 1 until 9.

Note 1: Number 0 = 15 bullets.
Note 2: Each hotkey is ON/OFF, what mean, if for example you press 1 only time hotkey "Numpad Z" mean that you are unable to change for other "Numpad Y", so, need press again "Numpad Z" and then you will able to change number of bullets.
(Where Z is a number different of Y).

Virus scans: Jotti & Total

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