Saturday, March 5, 2016

Blackshot Global Aimbot(Old Nutella)

Blackshot Global Aimbot(Old Nutella)

Hi guys,

its my first time posting a hack so if i did anything wrong or forgot anything just let me know and i will change it asap.
i got this nutella file on my pc for like over a month now and since blackshot decided to bann my Real account i want to share this with you all.
I take 0credits for this hack i only want to share it. if anyone on mpgh needs credits from this hack send me pm and i will add them.


working one windows10 64bit 03/03/2016

so this hack works for me for over a months by using the suspendingmethod.

dont forget put the nutellafile and skybleu in Program Files\BlackShot\BlackShot\Data\Character\Kei.

how I personally use the suspendingmethod
1:go into blackshot pick a random server and go to storage
2:switch to your desktop and open processhacker.exe
3:when opening processhacker you will have to be fast to suspend blackshot.exe/gamemon and gamemon64 (im using 64bit)
3²:suspend quickly by pressing rightmousebutton + S
4pen sigmaengine
5:click the pc on the lefttopcorner and select blackshot.exe
6:change valuetype to array of byte
7aste the scancode into value: and press first scan
8:now you will see lines of number show up on the left side. RMclick the first one and select 43 (located left top corner)
9:now go to the paste code and do ctrl+a > ctrl+c
10:now go back to your 43 that you selected( should be marked bleu)
11ress ctrl+v
12:if everything went right you should see some things turn red.
13:do this for the second code as well.
14:if you changed both codes close sigma engine.
15:go back to processhacker and redeem blackshot gamemon64 and gamemon (redeem fastly by pressing RM+U)
16:do this as fast as you can and close processhack as soon as you are ready redeeming the processes.
17:go to back to your blackshot change your texture quality to mid or low
18:you can use your hack now.

i hope you guys enjoy this hack, dont forget to press thanks

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Try first on dummy account, to avoid ban!