February 24, 2016

VP Hack 1.2

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Please use the protection Enigma or Themida or any other protector!

Glow ESP / Team ESP
Health Based - Glow color depends on the health
Visibility - If the enemy is behind a wall/box it glows weaker
Full Bloom - Enemy is glow completely
Target - Enemy at which you move the crosshairs glow white
Distance - It adjusts the distance at which the enemy will glow (300-2000)
Defuser - The enemy who defused the bomb glows blue

Aimlock/ AimAssist
TargetBone 1, TargetBone 2 - It allows you to change the Target Bone
Flash Check - AIM does not work if you are flashed
No Visibility
2 Shoot - Aim works only when you are shooting
Hold - AIM works by holding the key (Hold AIM)

Hold (ALT) - Triggerbot works by holding the ALT key
Flash Check - Triggerbot does not work if you are flashed
HS Only - Triggerbot works when the crosshair is aimed at head
No Scoped - Sniper weapons shoot no scoped
Random Delay - Random delay before firing (50-100)

No Flash
Auto Pistol
Knife Bot

Bind Key
Click on the button after the press key.

Unbind Key
Click on the button after the press ESC

Fix Aim Lock and Aim Assist
Signature Change

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