Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thread: Race $$ Multiplier [1.32/.exe]

Thread: Race $$ Multiplier [1.32/.exe]

so i was bored and i thought.. hey I should make a trainer since not a lot of people know how Cheat Engine works

so I modified a bit a Cheat Engine table, and then made it a .exe using ce's function

what it does is, it multiplies the money you won from races by 100.000 (one hundred thousand)

it works for me..

it's simple, one function

why it's 15mb you ask? because that side image is 10mb.. it's made using a dslr, i really had no idea what to put there, and then I noticed that it's 10mb.. and then said, oh fuck it just leave it there

all you have to do is, go into online, launch the.. thingy, press num1, go to Jobs-Races-Rockstar Created-Criminal Records. make sure you're alone in the race lobby, set it to 1 lap, closed session and go race it. you will receive.. uhm (after doing some googling) 100000000$ one 0 less or more.

Do not bank this cash!! I got myself from lvl 1 to 468 instantly, and 50 million cash like.. 3 or 4 days ago, and there is still no ban! All using Cheat Engine.

HAVE FUN  and stay safe


EDIT : appearently I did something wrong and it's no longer working. I tried with this Cheat Engine table and it worked fine. Use the Cheat Table one until I will update the trainer.


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