Sunday, February 7, 2016

Thread: [1.32] Buy Cargobob & More Vehicles | .RPF Hack

[1.32] Buy Cargobob & More Vehicles | .RPF Hack
Exclusive ! Buy Cargobob and more exclusive vehicles in last patch 1.32 !

This is a RPF mod, to not get banned and go online, you need to use undetected hook, find it yourself, and .ev1 loader (.ev1 extension it's not detected, but clonehookv2 it's detected).


How to install ?
1. Go with OpenIV to : update > update.rpf > x64 > patch > data > cdimages > scaleform_web.rpf
2. Drop "www_lobix_com.ytd" "and "www_lobix_com.gfx" in scaleform_web.rpf.
3. Put openivexecv1.ev1 + your hook + .ev1 loader in the root of your game (folder with GTA5.exe).

How to use ?
1. Open your phone and open the web browser.
2. Go to URL :
3. Enter a command like : dubsta66 to buy Dubsta 6x6

-Grand Theft Auto V (Social Club/Steam)
-Undetected Hook (find it yourself)
-WinRAR (lel)

List of commands
-michael (to get Micheal's web browser)
-trevor (to get Trevor's web browser)
-franklin (to get Franklin's web browser)
-online (to get Online web browser)
-cargobob (need to use solo-player web browser before)
-roosevelt (2014 Valentine)
-roosevelt2 (2016 Valentine)
-dubsta66 (Dubsta 6x6)
-technical (Karin Rebel + minigun)
-dukesodeath (Not tested)
-dukes (Can't buy ???)
-stallion (Can't buy ???)
-blista (Can't buy ???)
-marshall (Can't buy ???)
-dodo (Can't but ???)
-kraken (Can't buy ???)

>>>Download Now<<<

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