February 16, 2016

Simple Wall 2.0 Crossfire Cheats

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Simple Wall 2.0


Supported Versions

CF NA- Tested (Working)
CF EU- Please Test
CF FG- Please Test
CF BR/AL/LA- Tested (Working)
CF ARX- Please Test
CF INDO- Please Test
CF PH- Please Test
CF VN- Please Test
CF CN-Please Test

Supported OS

Windows 10- Tested (Working)
Windows 8.1- Tested (Working)
Windows 8- Tested (Working)
Windows 7- Tested (Working)
Windows XP- Tested (Working)
Windows Vista- Please Test

IF you have tested one of my Please Tests please say what version in the comments and i will put you up


How to use:
Download the .rar file attached and extreme injector from this link ( http://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1022113 ) then go to settings and change it all to this  then go out and add the .dll file and type crossfire.exe as the process and start your game!!!

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