February 11, 2016

[Release][MOD] League of Legends Mod Patcher

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LOLMP Status: Updated for: 6.2HF & 6.2


Mod List:

1. addBotsToAram (Working) - Risky
2. anyBotDifficulties (Working)
3. appearOffline (Working) - Risky
4. aramMod (Working) - Risky
5. autoAcceptQueue (Working)
6. better logs (Unknown)
7. easyQueueDodge (Working)
8. joinChat (Unknown)
9. joinMultipleQueues (Unknown)
10. keepMyPage (Working)
11. keepMyUpdate 0.4 (Unknown)
12. letMeReportU (Unknown)
13. Modded Customs 0.1 - (Working) - Risky
14. Modded Customs 0.2 - (Working) - Risky
15. More Invite Mod (Working)
16. newMatchHistory (Unknown)
17. pickWhileLocked (Working) - Risky
18. secretsKeptOurAramsWasted (Working)
19. seeTeamColor (Working)
20. stopCloseGame (Working)
21. storeRefresh (Working)

Video Tutorial:

LoL Mod Patcher Guide:

Step 1: Extract the downloaded zip file into a folder
Step 2: Open the executable
Step 3: Click 'Locate' to find your lol executable, it will open an explorer window, just click your lol.launcher file.
Step 4: Choose the mods you want
Step 5: Click Patch, and your done! Enjoy your mods

To remove patches - click remove/uninstall in the program or just update league of legends with the repair tool

New LOLMP no need to download new Version after patch. After patch we need change Version in our server and LOLMP will work!

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