Friday, February 12, 2016

League of Legends [Zoomhack + Triggerbot] [6.3]


As i said i am gonna update this today so i did it

New :

-You can now see your current zoom value (feel free to comment your favorite zoom value)

-Offsets updated

How to use?

1. Start League of Legends and goto match

2. Run as Admin (IMPORTANT)


Click Enable Zoomhack button (Removes your zoom limit)

Triggerbot V1:

Click Enable Triggerbot V1

Ability you wanna use make sure it have quickcast when you press MiddleMouseButton. (I will show it in video)

Hold space and when your cursor is on Minion, Champion it will send your ability to it.

Thanks for this hack tester:


Virusscans :

Video :

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