Wednesday, February 24, 2016

League of Legends [aZoomhack + LastHit V1.1] [6.3]

League of Legends [Zoomhack + LastHit V1.1] [6.3]

Well i added Last Hit V1.1 to Zoomhack now. Let me know how it works.

How to use?

Run as Admin (Important)


Type Enable_Zoomhack to enable and to disable type Disable_Zoomhack

LastHit V1.1:

Type Enable_LastHit to enable. It will ask for hotkey there is MButton, Alt and Space. After that left click target you wanna last hit and put your cursor on it and hold your hotkey.

To disable type Disable_LastHit

What is difference between LastHit V1 and LastHit V1.1?

It doesnt attack if your cursor is not on enemy.

Virusscans :

Pic :

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