Friday, February 12, 2016

Jordans Menu v1.6 [1.32|ASI|OFFLINE]

NOTE: The files included in this release should only be used offline, do not attempt to use this online with ScriptHookV.

Menu Guide

To install, copy all 3 files from the "Install" folder into your GTA V directory
To change the default settings, edit JordanConfig.txt and place it in your C:\ directory
Open the menu with Numpad * (keyboard) or LB + DPAD Right (controller)
If using alt controller open option, open the menu with RB + X
Navigate the menu with Numpad 8 2 4 6 or DPAD
Select option with Numpad 5 or Controller A
Go back with Numpad 0 or Controller B
Alternative keyboard keys - F6, Enter, Backspace, up/down/left/right arrow keys


Hancock mode - ] and [
Vehicle rockets - Numpad plus(+) or press horn
Teleport to waypoint - =+
Invisibility - ;:
Fix player and fix/clean car - Caps lock
Reset downforce vehicle mod - Numpad Divide
Speed boost - Numpad 9 or RT + A
Instant stop - Numpad 3 or LT + DPAD Down
Remove attached objects - F11
Disable spectate mode - F12
Manual anti-crash routine - F8 or RB + DPAD Right
Anti-crash cam toggle - F4 or LB + DPAD Down
Change drive/walk on air height - arrow keys UP and DOWN


Updated for patch 1.32
Added new DLC vehicles
Added halloween content and video editor content unlocks (tunables, thanks to Lost_Warrior)
Minor bug fixes
Note: I am not currently working on this menu, future releases will likely be limited to compatibility with game updates. It would appear that public hooks get detected fast so I am releasing this as an offline menu. There are currently a few private undetected hooks available; if you own one of these then you will be able to use this menu safely online.


Menu developer:

Special thanks to:
Alexander Blade - scripthookv, Native Trainer
s0biet/gir489 - m0d s0beit v Redux
Phokz - Tunables pointer
KiLLerBoy_001 - Tunables list
MAFINS - Menya Baes

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