Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dox Farmbot V2 , updates , Not detected. (Aut0 self nade)

New Update of Self-Nade Farmbot , Still working even after the security Update.

-Removed the ******* Pages
-Fixed the Delay
-Working for Windows 8 64-bit
-Not tested on Widows 10
-Working for CFNA Perfectly with no errors
-Fixed X-Trap error for some users
-Fixed Autoready
-More simple and more easy to use


How to use:-
-Start the Bot
-Start CF
-Before Joining a game, press "F10"

-To Enable the bot "F10"
-To Disable the bot "F12"
-The auto Ready function is always On
-Make sure that you have only 1 grenade at your bag
-Make sure you are not wearing Bulletproof Jacket

You can Farm with this bot only if you have VIP weapon,
-Join a farming room and put the VIP at your bag, then leave your PC farming for you,

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