Wednesday, January 20, 2016

V For Villain Incremental Update 5 [.ASS Build]

V For Villain Incremental Update 5 [.ASS Build]

We Are Not Responsible For Any Bans
As far as we know our .ass hook is safe

17/10/2015 - First Release, Small update
21/10/2015 - Second Release, Update for 1.30
30/10/2015 - Third Release, Menu redone which has fixed a lot of things
17/11/2015 - Fourth Release, Menu redone(Again to fix bugs) and lots of things added and tweaked
24/12/2015 - Fifth Release, Too big of an update to list
14/01/2016 - Sixth Update Again a lot of stuff was added / fixed / fine tuned / Conversion to Clonehook2.dll
19/01/2016 - Seventh Update No More CloneHook. Using .ass loader


Numpad 8/up arrow to move up
numpad 5 to select/turn on or off
numpad 2/down arrow to move down
F3 to open/close the menu
numpad 0 to close the menu

Open = LB+Pad Down
Navigate = Pad Up & Pad Down
Select = X
Back/Exit = B

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