Sunday, January 10, 2016

Soldier Front Beast 2016 [Download]


1) Download The SF Beast
2) Move it to your soldier front file location
3) run the sfbeast2016 click " patch soldier front "
4) after clicking the patch is now starting wait after finish
5) after the patch u will have a file in ur sf location named " sfb.exe " run it as admin and login ur sf account
6) have fun gaming

Errors :

beast2016.dll error!!

in this day beast is not FREE anymore but if you go on there page " " there's an event where you can win the file " beast2016.dll " look im playing it right now no cheats no hacks more game master's online easy to rank ! over 10,000+ is now playing sf beast the screenshot of the beast is not allowed! so ^.^

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