Monday, January 4, 2016

(S.F.2 EU) Freedom

(S.F.2 EU) Freedom

Hello community,
i'm glad to introduce Freedom, currently the only available cheat for Free

As explained in a previous thread, this is only the preview version and not the official release!
The complete version will be released soon with lot of news, it still requires a few more days.
I'm sorry for the wait but at the moment there are higher priorities in my life and i can't do otherwise.

Available in Freedom
Crosshair [is possible to change the crosshair size using the left/right arrow]
Wallhack [still under development, you can see trough the wall but not always]

Do not panic, a user-friendly menu is in the queue and will be included in the next version.

1- Download and extract on the desktop
2- Run 'Cannon DLL Injector v1.0 by ccman32.exe' (as administrator)
3- Click on Settings and follow the screen: Click!
4- Click on Save Settings and follow the screen: Click!
5- Open Special Force 2
6- Enjoy!


Xigncode3 detects something also when i don't inject Freedom
- Delete all files present in Binaries/Win32/XIGNCODE/
- Delete all files present in %temp% (ignore what you can't)
- Clean your computer using CCleaner
- Retry to inject Freedom following the guide..

It works but gets detected when i make the log-in
This problem is not a common but does occur on some Windows 7 64bit versions..
- Keep calm and wait for the full version

Optmized for Windows 8.1, doesn't work on Windows 7 !

Download Now


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