Monday, January 18, 2016

[PolyHack] TheRipper | Glow - Health Based | NoFlash | Triggerbot

The Ripper [PolyHack]
► Glow ESP - Health Based
► TriggerBot (Only hold key working)
► NoFlash

1.1. Get Polyloader 2.0 ->
2. Get Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Desktop ->
3. Get your polyhack
4. After you have all (1,2,3) it's time to compile it.
5. Make sure you have a folder wich include the hack (polyhack) and polyloader 2.0 (i would put in on desktop)
6. Start Polyloader as an administrator and choose the compiler path, it can be automaticaly found if you installed Visual Studio in the default location.., if not you have to search for cl.exe in Visual Studio folder, i don't have the exact location since is not anymore in my pc.
7. Choose the entire .RAR file of the Polyhack from "hack file" and put it there
8. Press Compile (you don't really need to use also View Compiler output buy if you an error that's the solution to find the fix)
9. After you did all of this, in your folder where is located your polyloader + polyhack will be created a new .exe file wich will be your hack.
10. Close Polyloader 2.0 and start CS:GO with the launch option "-insecure" and try the hack into a bot game to see if is working (run the cheat as an ADMINISTRATOR, IF NOT just do all the steps in CS:GO because you already have "-insecure" so VAC will not work. Just compile and compile and compile until will work.
11. After you have a working cheat / hack close CS:GO then delete that launch option and start it again. Do not run the cheat until you're in a game (not in main menu) and i would close and do all the steps again for a next game, just don't stay with it open in loading screens.
Manual Configuration
Each time you load the cheat, it will read TheRipper.ini for your configured hotkeys. If a command isn't set to a hotkey, it will prompt you to set it unless you've deliberately unbound it. You can manually edit survive.ini if you want, but you need to know the decimal values for the keys you wish to set. There are two special values: 0 and -1. Setting a hotkey to -1 is the same as deleting it. It will cause TheRipper.exe to prompt you to rebind a hotkey to the command. Setting it to 0 will cause the command to go unbound.


I would suggest to modify all the strings (i will not tell the steps cuz im too lazy) [Safety from VAC]
I would suggest to recompile before every game (Yeaaah....)

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