Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jordans Menu v1.3 [1.31|CONTROLLER]

Features Include

Crash protection against clone crash attempts
Player aimbot/triggerbot with selectable targets
RP Increaser
Tunables - Xmas snow, high/low/custom bounty, no idle kick, valentines/xmas/halloween content unlocks
A variety of vehicle mods including acceleration/braking force and engine power/torque adjustment
Ability to spawn vehicles for the entire lobby
Ability to teleport individual/all nearby players vehicles to a waypoint
Hotkeys for quick access to a number of functions
Full controller support
Plus much more


Visual C++ Redistributable 2013 (x64, x86)
.NET Framework 4.5.2
.NET Framework 4.0
Extreme Injector

Injection Instructions

1. Download Extreme Injector
2. Start Extreme Injector
3. Click on settings, under "Injection Method:" select "Manual Map"
4. Click on "OK" to return to the main window
5. Click on "Add DLL", select "Jordans Menu v1.3.dll" then click on open
6. Start GTA and wait until singleplayer has loaded
7. Go back to Extreme Injector and under "Process Name:" select "GTA5.exe"
8. Click on inject

Injection Settings

Menu Guide

Open the menu with Numpad * (keyboard) or LB + DPAD Right (controller)
If using alt controller open option, open the menu with RB + X
Navigate the menu with Numpad 8 2 4 6 or DPAD
Select option with Numpad 5 or Controller A
Go back with Numpad 0 or Controller B
To change the default settings, edit JordanConfig1.3.txt and place it in your C:\ directory


Hancock mode - ] and [
Vehicle rockets - Numpad plus(+) or press horn
Teleport to waypoint - =+
Invisibility - ;:
Fix player and fix/clean car - Caps lock
Reset downforce vehicle mod - Numpad Divide
Speed boost - Numpad 9 or RT + A
Instant stop - Numpad 3 or LT + DPAD Down
Remove attached objects - F11
Disable spectate mode - F12
Manual anti-crash routine - F8 or RB + DPAD Right
Anti-crash cam toggle - F4 or LB + DPAD Down
Change drive/walk on air height - arrow keys UP and DOWN


-To use the "Race Money" tunable start the race "Turn to Dust" on your own and set it to 1 lap. Toggle the tunable ON when the race has started
-Don't bank any money you spawn, keep it as cash
-If you wish to sell low end spawned vehicles, disable the prevent kick option in spawn settings
-Keyboard and mouse users should disable controller support in Misc Options
-If the rp increaser doesn't work, try increasing the delay
-If the menu doesn't open, make sure num lock is on
-Clone detection 2 should detect clones faster, but can cause false positives when using the model changer
-To keep any spawned in vehicle (non blacklisted) - Drive a street car to your garage door with the menu open, highlighting
the car you wish to keep. During the garage animation, spawn the selected vehicle when the car begins to move

Ban Info

-Rockstar implemented stronger anti-cheat measures in patch 1.31, using any menu online carries a ban risk
-Using this for anything related to in-game money will significantly increase your chance of receiving a ban
-By using this menu you agree that you are fully responsible if you receive a ban
-I strongly recommend following the injection instructions, particularly "Manual Map"


Added tunable deathmatch money
Added tunable race money
Added option to drive in the air (vehicle mods)
Added option to walk in the air (self options)
Added option to exclude friends when dealing with aiming players
Added option to give all players a wanted level
Added option to remove players vehicle doors
Added option to selectively frame a player
Added fire and water attack loops
Added more report stats (misc options)
Changed the individual "give wanted level" option to 3 wanted stars
Changed default money bag values and added a high limit option
Optimized the update loop to call natives much less frequently
Online players list now highlights friends
Restored options that were removed for patch 1.31


Menu developer:

Special thanks to:
s0biet/gir489 - m0d s0beit v Redux
Phokz - Tunables pointer
MAFINS - Menya Baes

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