Tuesday, January 26, 2016

GTA5: GTAO Remove water Cheat engine

GTA5: GTAO Remove water Cheat engine

Did you ever feel like removing the ocean water ( attack boats from underwater )
Well here is you chance.

I Created this table a while ago based on a feature i had in my K&K tool for ps3. It allows completish removal of ocean water.
Well theyre is some blocks that remain these seem to be coded diffrently and cant seem to be removed using memory editing but anyways most of it gets removed i hope you guys enjoy it.

So you open this in cheat engine focus on GTA and click the feature you want.. ( might take up to 30 secs before it shows ingame it needs to alter alot of adresses so )

Download and open the Cheat table file ( it requires Cheat engine )
Then focus Cheat engine on GTA5.exe process
Then click "Remove Water" to do just that

NOTE: It doesnt actually remove that watter it just lowers it by alot and the outside edges still have the water on the normal level

NOTE2: It Just removes water for you so, any other player will see you underwater with this.


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