January 26, 2016

flamin' hot cheetos v2 - internal - box esp, name, location and health - configurable

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- main: -
moveax and I just wanted to contribute to the community. how long I will keep this updated for is up to us.
however I do plan to regularly update and add features!

- screenshots: -

- features: -
extra sensory perception:
- visibility checks
- box style
- health bar
- name
- location

- instructions: - 
1. create this directory: C://FHC//Config.ini
2. launch cs:go and your preferred injector
3. while you are still in the main menu, select the dll and proceed to inject
4. press home on your keyboard to generate values in your configuration file
5. you should see the watermark on the top left, close the injector and join a game

- notes: - 
1. to unload the cheat, press the delete key on your keyboard while in cs:go
2. press insert to reload the configuration file

- changelog: - 
- added configuration file support
- updated for the latest version of cs:go

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