Sunday, January 31, 2016

[CF NA]Crossfire WallHack 28/1/2016

Hello Guys ,, gonna upload my wall hack .. it was private but.. i dont really know what happened .. im getting hack detected 70_12 ... anyone can help me ??
u need xtrap bypass to use it // for Injecting u can use xtreme injector (i uploaded them)
it was working fine and then .. its detected .. but i dont really know how to make it undetected? . soo if anyone can help? just pm me .

oh and i got another one but its old u need xtrap bypass its not mine but its working

Tutorial :0- open xtreme injector
1-type in the process Crossfire.exe
2-open settings .. choose auto inject and then close settings
3-choose Add Dll
4-add xtrap bypass And Pixpel..
5-then open crossfire North America
6-Press Insert When You Join A Match

~uncuZin Note ( Pixpel hack Is Not Mine But The Another One Is mine )

Download Now

Xtrap Bypass with the injector

Try first on dummy account, to avoid ban!

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  1. hello , the links isn't working please reupload them