Tuesday, January 12, 2016

[Always Updated]Combat Arms NA / EU hack release!

 [Always Updated]Combat Arms NA / EU hack release!

Hack Video :

Hello, today I release Combat Arms NA/EU hack that will always be updated.

The public hack doesn't auto spam you either

Here are features list; Hack features that are in the color red are VIP only. There is VIP trial in the loader now too.

- Color Chams -
-- Color 1 --
-- Color 2 --
Ghost Chams
Glow Players
NX Chams
Full Bright
No Fog
D3D Crosshair

2D Radar
Radar Enemy Only
Radar Scale

ESP Names
ESP Health
ESP Distance
ESP Boxes (With Visible/Hidden color change)
ESP Armor
ESP Snapline
ESP Weapon
ESP Explosive

Aim Nearest
Aim Key
Player Select
Bone Target
Visible Check
Aimbot FOV
Spawnshield Check

Player Speed
Fly Hack

No Spread
No Recoil
No Weapon Sway
Rapid Fire (Can Edit Speed)
Weapon Magnet
Hide Gun
Far Activation

Show FPS Counter
Show Clock
Windowed Mode

-- Voice Spammer --
- Message -
- Type -

Download Now

Try first on dummy account, to avoid ban!