Sunday, December 6, 2015

[Release] - uNf Trainer & ESP


LShift = For fly hacking ( jump then hit/hold/tap/toggle LShift to go up/down ).
LAlt = Sprint for speed hacking.
F9 = Auto Clicker on/off.


Not loading or saying connected but not working?

Try downloading the redistributable package 64 or 32 bit here and here and also make sure your .NET is updated by clicking here. Running an older version of windows like xp or vista? Try this and see if it helps!

Do note this program is packed & obfuscated, some antivirus may need exceptions for it to work properly.

Please also make sure to run this program as Admin & that if your running windows 8 I cannot offer support but am aware that it does work for some windows 8 users without a problem.

This does not work with ICM.

Make sure that your executable is named gw2.exe ( it looks for that process to hook to ), if that does not work try Gw2.exe ( not sure why this happens and it does wildcard the G , looking into why it does that ).

You cannot run Unf during a patch process with the client, you need to run it after the client has finished updating so it can re-gather the patterns and update itself.

Addon For Donators:

Mini ESP

What this does:

- Increases client view distance of the map ( see people/terrain/npcs/siege/walls/gates/harvest nodes sooner ).
- See objects ( gates/walls/harvest nodes ) through terrain ( with just names OR hp bars aswell - for WvW it displays siege through walls with hp ).
- See player names through terrain ( HP bar option toggle on/off, also shows through terrain ).
- See NPC names through terrain ( HP bar option toggle on/off, also shows through terrain ).
- Brighter names/hp bars to display better.
- Saves login username/password.
- Saves last-used options, will turn them on automatically for you when Guild Wars 2 is loaded.
- Stored password for login is encrypted to prevent thievery.
- Works great through patches and if updates needed you'll get them automatically!
- Internal Map radar on your mini-map ( no overlay ). Yellow = Neutral / Red = Enemy / Green = Ally
- Walls & gates stay stored in memory and will display no matter your distance from them in *real* time if being attacked.
- Treb's stay stored in memory and can be seen across the map no matter your distance from them.

- All done with memory editing, no direct-draw, no compatibility issues, works on every system except mac ( unless your using wine ).

Contact information:

Skype: Ploxasarus

Or message me here.

Updates are included to all users and it is a lifetime access donation.

When contacting me after donating please just simply paste the paypal information & choose a username/password for me to add & I'll link you after doing so the file url.

Full technical support offered for any problems/issues.

Most commonly asked question:
Q: How much do I donate for this?
A: Some donate 5$, others donate 10$, some have been so gracious as to give 50$ , do what you see fit, I'm not greedy & it helps to continue this project.

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