Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pean's LegitEx v1.3.9.3 [PUBLIC] - Fun stuff


Glow ESP
-Health base
-Visibility check
-Defusing,kits and many more
-Full control (thickness, color, bloom, alpha, etc....)
Aim system
-Dynamic bones / forced bones
-Fully customisable
-RCS support
-Pattern distribution, etc...
-Custom delays
-Burst mode
-Scoped checks, etc...
No recoil
-Perfect no recoil
-vecPunch RPM only mode
-Pattern randomization, etc...
Skin changer
-Change any weapon skin to any other skin, even combinations that don't exist
-StatTrak included
-2 force modes
-Custom values
-WPM, can be used on spacebar
-Non-runtime string encryption
-Signature scanning
-You can self update offsets that are not scanned for
-SoS checks


.1 - Initial release
.2 - Added SoS check, AimAssist tweaks, added my settings file in case you are curious
.3 - Improved triggerbot and target selector for aimassist, added custom aura and little tweaks
.4 - Added KnifeBot, fixed trigger a bit, some improvements to the engine
.5 - Added headshot only hitgroup triggerbot on aimassist button for pistols and awp/scout, prep for silent aim
.6 - AimAssist tweaks, engine modifications
.7 - Added silent load, sound notifications, aim system now can lock, force bones and stuff
.8 - Aim is now working on FaceIt with the server side mode on (beta), some recoil rework
.9 - Added skinchanger, render mod for color tints is now disabled by default

Virus scans

@Yamiez - Learned from his subtle aim
@Merccy2 - Based off his engine



Aim system explanation (ini file)
1/x shot hitchance=5 <-- input smoothing
Pitch smoothing=32 <-- distance smoothing
Yaw smoothing=27 <-- distance smoothing
Pitch aura=15 <-- effective aim distance up and down
Yaw aura=15 <-- effective aim distance left and right
More headshots=1 <-- better headshot chance if using the dynamic system
Vis check=0 <-- spottedbymask visibility check
Always on=0 <-- always aim
Force bone=0 <-- force aim bone (if 0, will use the dynamic health-weapon system)
Start=0 <-- what shot you want to start aiming (if 0, will aimlock)
HS trigger=0 <-- use the headshot only trigger on aimassist button for pistols, awp and scout

Skin system explanation (ini file)
StatTrak=5000 <-- how many StatTrak kills you want, -1 will disable StatTrak
Wear=1 <-- skin quality (1 = best, 1000000 = worst, 3000000 = try for fun, its really nice)
Seed=1 <-- skin seed, only for some skins really
Force mode=1 <-- how to force the skins (1 = when holding, 2 = during weapon switch when holding - use if you can't get mode 1 to work)
Deagle=185 <-- example of skin id from the dump

Skin ID DUMP - Credits to Y3t1y3t for the dumper and FuckFace32 for fixing it

If you find some nice skin combos, post in the topic!!! I luv it.


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