December 5, 2015

New TotalItem Bypass for BlackShot Europe (Global) 02/12 Enjoy!

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Hello guys!

This is new version have pink chams only / bighead

To use just follow the steps:

First, install the files...

Place the file "Tabajara.bsv" in the folder:
... BlackShot \ Data\_EU\_EN\CSV\

Place the file "Tabajara.nif" in the folder:
... BlackShot \ Data\_EU\_EN\CSV\

How to use?
First, start your blackshot without bypass, after, in the first screen, close your blackshot, now, open your Bypass.exe, click in OK, open your game and done! This bypass is automatic no have hotkey!

Note: The pink chams / TotalItem Bypass is 100% automatic, no have hotkey!

Important: Don't remove, edit or delete your .../CSV/Totalitem.bsv file original!


Use sparingly, have good fun!!!

Please, share this hack with your friends!!!
Tested in Windows 10 x64 bit [Work]

Working 02/12/2015

...::: Virus Scan :::...

Click Here

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WARNING: This version is packed!

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