Saturday, December 5, 2015


Today I am releasing my private Multi tools. Yes and based on extreme2010 1.5.0 but has been fully updated tested for nearly one month without problems with PB.
credits: xtreme2010

Run as Admin
Status: Undetected

If you like +resp.
for brazilians(Não votem mais no PT).

scan 1: virusscan . jotti . org / pt-BR / filescanjob / qbrk7xqe2c
scan 2: www . virustotal . com/ pt/file / 7 604c3b8e6c11dd822cc3c269e240e686b11a1e90e0042adee0 b79a675f13691 / analysis / 1449156869/


-Box ESP
-Distance ESP
-Health ESP
-Line ESP
-Name ESP
-Bone ESP
-My health/Ammo
-No Recoil
-No Spread (FF Risk)
-No Breath
-Unlock Attachments
-Spectator Warning

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