Saturday, December 5, 2015

Hydra's Multi-Hack Universal Tool [Multiplayer/Zombies] [Latest Hack]

DON'T USE NO RECOIL ONLINE, IT COSTS INSTANT BANS!!! You may use it on Custom to reduce ban!
Must restart game to turn off no recoil and no sway!
Must put amount of bullets before freezing it
You can ONLY choose either God Mode or Invisible!
Keep in mind invisible does not make you god mode and cause death quicker
Not all hacks are for online
When Choosing a weapon, put the number of the weapon
When Playing Zombies in Solo or By yourself on Custom, don't use the "more options for 4"
When Playing Public or Custom with people, Choose the "more options for 4"
You can either be the white, blue, yellow, or green player. It should tell you when clicking Tab
When using force host, you shouldn't be in any lobby yet
Turn Off Force Host when already in Game to reduce lag.
Don't abuse so much, the game might crash
As Always, Use At Your Own Risk!



   SPOILER: Click Me
No Recoil
No Sway
Online Camo Hack

Host Only
Gravity Level
Spread Level
Reload Speed
Firing Rate
Aim Speed
List of Weapon And Camo
Primary Weapon Changer
Primary Weapon Camo Changer
Secondary Weapon Changer
Secondary Weapon Camo Changer
Player 2 Primary Weapon Changer
Ammo Hack
Freeze Ammo
Rapid Fire
God Mode


   SPOILER: Click Me!
Money Hack
P1 Money Hack
P2 Money Hack
P3 Money Hack
P4 Money Hack
Unlimited Ammo
P1 Unlimited Ammo
P2 Unlimited Ammo
P3 Unlimited Ammo
P4 Unlimited Ammo
God Mode
P1 God Mode
P2 God Mode
P3 God Mode
P4 God Mode
P1 Invisible
P2 Invisible
P3 Invisible
P4 Invisible
Force Host
Gravity Level
Weapon ID List
Primary Weapon Changer
Secondary Weapon Changer
P1 Primary Weapon Changer
P1 Secondary Weapon Changer
P2 Primary Weapon Changer
P2 Secondary Weapon Changer
P3 Primary Weapon Changer
P3 Secondary Weapon Changer
P4 Primary Weapon Changer
P4 Secondary Weapon Changer


   SPOILER: Click Me
Draw Something
Report Bugs or Requests
Free Write Box
Cpu Display Usage
Ram Display Usage
Time Display


New Update!

Change Log/ New Features
[Keep In Mind These Are For Hosts Only!]
Kind of new look of the hack
Speed Hack
Melee Range
Fixed Zombie God Mode
Unlimited Steaks! "Like Sentry Gun, War Hog, Care Package"
Kill Player 2
Teleport Player 2
Teleport Player 1 [You]
Switch to team 1/2
Change Screen Mode "Full Screen, Windowed"
Fov Scale/Control
Max Fps Control

If you don't know how to use it, just watch a preview on here!
https:/  Multiplayer
https:/  Zombie

Virus Scans 

Status > Undetected

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