Saturday, December 26, 2015

GTA-Money menu 1.31 [Experimental]

This is most likely detected (though I've added some security features) and is intended for people who want to get some cash, buy all the stuff and get banned for 10 days. Don't use if you've been banned before, as rockstar often bans permamently after first ban.

How to:
1. When you're in game, launch Xenos injector, choose GTA5.exe process, add the cash dll, go advanced -> injection type: manual map -> press inject
2. Press delete (del) for menu to show
3. Navigate with arrow keys or numbad
4. Press enter or np5
5. ???
6. Now you're rich! Congratulations!
7. ???
8. You should now quickly buy all the stuff you want (houses, yachts, vehicles, etc)
9. You will most likely be banned, if it's your first ban it will be only 10 days
10. Your cash will be reset to 20000$ after ban, however you keep everything else
11. ???
12. Fuck you rockstar and your fucking sharkcards! :trollface:

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