Sunday, December 6, 2015

greyb1t's Magma Flyff Bot

Status: Still working Dec 05

This is the last update due to xMootie's complaint.
Use it while it's still working, cya!

I saw few people asking cookie69 to update his Magma FlyFF Bot, since it's been awhile since he updated it.
I'll release one and I'll keep it updated. If you play reckless you have a chance to get banned by any game master or admin. I am not responsible if you get banned, don't blame me

I gotta give credits to the one in the Magma Flyff staff that created their Anti-Cheat.
Bypassing their protection against speedhack and teleportation was a little tricky. Great job!

I appreciate if you could hit that "Thanks" button at the end of the thread to keep me motivated =)
Not too much too ask i guess.

NOTE: The "Force Pickup-Pet option is buggy and might not work properly."
It may or may not be improved in the future.

Enough said,
thank you for using the bot, and thank you for pressing that "Thanks" button.


Finds closest entity
Calculates the entities ranges and finding the closest ones for efficiency. (Might screw up sometimes).
Multiple logged in clients support
Allows support for more than one logged in account to use bot on.
F-Key simulator
Works like a normal f-key simulator aswell, ex Chat bot.
Customizable delay
Change the delay after each monster kill to let the pet pick up drops.
Mode - Legit
This mode kills enemies like a normal player.
Mode - Teleport
Teleport to the enemies and kills them.
Mode - Speed Hack
Pretty self explained, kill them with speed hack.
Auto saves options
Automatically saves the current options for that characters, then automatically loads them up again.
(Option) Re-Select
If you've ever gotten stuck on a obstacle. This will run a timer on your delay choice which selects another monster.
(Option) Teleport
Same as above, just teleports to the monster instead. To avoid the obstacle.
(Option) Rotate Camera
Keeps rotating the camera to render monster for better efficiency.
(Option) Force pickup-pet
Keeps your pet out to pick up items, NOTE: it's buggy and might not work properly.
(Option) Auto Food
Eats food automatically when reached lower or equals to specified amounts of health.
(Option) Auto Mana
Eats mana potion automatically when reached lower or equals to specified amounts of mana points.
(Extras) Speed hack
Enables the option to set your speed, magma flyff max: 450
(Extras) Click Teleport (Patched)
Click anywhere on the ground to teleport to that point.
(Extras) Scroll distance hack
Pretty worthless but self-explaining.

Status: Undetected
Windows 10 - Working
Windows 8.1 - Working
Windows 8 - Working
Windows 7 - Working
Windows Vista - Unsure
Windows XP - Not working

How to use:
Run Magma FlyFF and login.
Start bot and select the process.

Virus Scans:

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Will this work for others flyffs?
A: No, unless I recompile it using the correct addresses and offsets.

Q: Can you make it work for any other flyff?
A: Yes, but I won't.

Q: Can I get the source code?
A: No, I will not give out the source code to anyone.

Known Issues:

Problem: I cannot see the process name even though I've started the game.
Solution: Change the name of game exe file to "Neuz.exe".

Problem: When I attach the bot to a process, the game crashes / freezes.
Solution: Start and attach the bot at the login screen instead of in game. Credits: @olivier107

Problem: When using the "Click Teleport" feature and teleport for a while, your character get's speeded up.
Solution: No known solution except restarting the client, that'll usually result in a crash aswell.


(1.02): Fixed the "Neuz.exe" not showing up for some users. Hopefully, still not sure though.
(1.04): Fixed bug when bot didn't find higher monsters than lvl 121.
(1.04): Added a checkbox and a textbox to add the monster name to kill.
(1.04): Fixed bug when client selection showing two process instead of one.
(1.06): Fixed some small errors in the code. Bot should work better now.
(1.09): Updated bypass against anti-cheat.

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