Sunday, December 13, 2015

ExRAML Injector v1.0

A very simple injector and my contribution to a millions of existing injectors. This injector was coded in C# so if this injector isn't enough for you, I don't care. tehe

Change Log:
ExRAML Injector v1.0
- No current logs

- Multiple Injections Types (Standard, ManualMap, ThreadHijack)
- Injection options
- Light injector size
- Auto close on inject
- All OS Supported
- Fixed injection problems
- Auto Save injection informations
- (ManualMap)Do not allow any packed DLL(s)

How to use:
- Download & Extract the file you downloaded
- Open the ExRAML Injector v1.0
- Make sure to run it admin (to make sure that it will work)
- If you are going to inject it to notepad then type notepad.exe or notepad to the textbox
- Then you can browse your DLL(s) by clicking the button Browse
- You can edit your settings by clicking the Setting button ( Of course, you can customize the setting your liking)
- If you are wondering why you can't click the Inject button, it is because you are using Auto Inject option and it is checked by default. You can change it in the Setting button.

Injection failed:
- probably, because you are injecting a packed DLL(s) and the DLL(s) won't allow you to inject to a program. Why you can't inject a packed DLL(s)? There's nothing I can do with this. The code of ManualMap is old and it's not made by me.

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ExRAML Injector Detection ratio: 2 / 53

Jason - Great injection codes, thanks for source. /gewd

This is not a virus! that's why if your antivirus detect this as a virus, you can ignore it. It is a false virus detection.

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