Wednesday, December 23, 2015

CSGO Multihack ESP, RCS, NO Flash, Trigger, Bunnyhop, Radar 21/12/2015

this is my first hack that i am releasing here, i got it from another site, all credits to merccy and n1BogOLlyQ.

1. Glow ESP
2. Recoil Control System
3. No flash
4. Bunnyhop
5. Triggerbot (10ms delay)
6. Radar

1. extract polyhacksuite.rar using winrar or 7zip
2. run polyhacksuite.exe
3. configure the hotkeys
4. run csgo
5. have fun!

Manual Configuration
Each time you load PolyhackSuite.exe, it will read polyhack.ini for your configured hotkeys. If a command isn't set to a hotkey, it will prompt you to set it unless you've deliberately unbound it. You can manually edit polyhack.ini if you want, but you need to know the decimal values for the keys you wish to set. There are two special values: 0 and -1. Setting a hotkey to -1 is the same as deleting it. It will cause PolyhackSuite.exe to prompt you to rebind a hotkey to the command. Setting it to 0 will cause the command to go unbound.

There are also some ESP options that you can control in the configuration file. Each value is between 0 and 255. They control how intense the ESP glow is. By default it's pretty subtle, so if you like it intense the way it used to be, set all of them to 255.


Download Now
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