Sunday, December 20, 2015

biesi.exe [20-Dec-15] || several versions

Hacking might get you banned! Don't dare to blame me if your account gets banned.

Windows 10 - Working
Windows 8 - Not tested
Windows 7 - Not working

Feature status: you can see the status of current features (INSERT to hide/show)
Wallhack: you can see players through walls (F3 to toggle on/off)
Knife hacks: increased knifing speed, range and angle (F4 to toggle on/off)
Always headshot: turns every kill into a headshot (F8 to toggle golden/normal/off)
One hit kill: Kills players with one bullet (does not work if Always headshot is disabled!; F5 to toggle on/off)
No recoil and spread: Your weapons do not spread and recoil while shooting (F6 to toggle on/off)
Movement speed upgrade: This will make you run faster (this might give Client Errors with some weapons; F7 to toggle on/off)
No grenade damage: You do not get damage by grenades


Video (obsolete)


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My Skype: biesix3
Feel free to contact me if you encounter any problems

Happy hacking and happy holidays

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