December 5, 2015

Auto last hit bot ver. 1.1

Watch Clan War Gameplays and Gaming Tutorial

-AoB scans for instructions to hook
-Somewhat predictive health detection

How to use
Download an injector, I've been using Extreme Injector V3.6 but any should work.
Inject DLL AFTER the game has loaded
Wait for mouse to jump around the screen a bit
Buy/sell an item that increases/decreases AD
hold ALT to activate, and have fun.

To do
-Custom injector with stealth
-Fine tune last hit prediction.
-Modify last hit range in relation to the players attack distance

-Assumes that League of Legends is on primary monitor (I currently only have the one to test with, so this will have to be fixed in the future)

Virus scans:

If you notice any bugs, or have any feature ideas please let me know.

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