Thursday, December 31, 2015

[1.31/DLL] RipTide Force Menu v1.4 [Major Bug Fixes + New Force Options]

Hello MPGH

Hey guys really sorry for the so quick update, but i had to get this out ASAP because i fixed the issue where you got kicked out of spawned vehicles and that was a major issue, so here it is fixed, plus other bug fixes, improved safe mode, new force powers and less game crashing!!

Key Features

- Star Wars Force-Like Powers!
- Full gamepad compatibility
- Give other players mods! (others can shoot money, cars, explosions, etc)
- So many rare powerful features
- Every single model, every single vision, name changer, new additions
- Drive on walls
- Incredible money Rain, changeable radius, make it literally rain Money!
- Built in Ammunation, including weapon attachments and skins
- LOADS of trolling options on other players
- Extremely Stable
- Loads of Self options, including Outfits, scenario animations, models, you name it
- Particle Effects throughout give an incredible experience to the user
- Rated one of the best User Interface's of any GTA menu
- Component Changer
- Massive Vehicle Spawner, and Custom Input, including option to toggle spawn with upgrades on or off
- Recovery Options, including precise rank changer
- Sooooo many rare features youve probably never seen before and a generally Massive Menu!

Known Bugs:

Map Mods are not spawning in.
IPL's Cargoship and Porn Yacht both enable/disable the yacht.
IPL's Sunken Cargoship & Aircraft Carrier not working.
Can't enable Player Markers in Misc.
3D ESP not working on other players double checked.
Outfits and Clothing are faulty


Please Note!!!
* Rockstar is cracking down hardcore on PC modders modding Online, so be warned! Everything in this menu works online but fuck me its dangerous so be warned. Money drops, editing stats, and running around in godmode is a great way to get yourself insta-banned so yeah, watch yourself *



Numpad 7 - Open
Numpad 5 - Select
Numpad 9 - Back
Numpad 8 - Up
Numpad 2 - Down
Numpad 4 - Left
Numpad 6 - Right


LB + Down - Open
A - Select
B - Back
Dpad Up - Up
Dpad Down - Down
Dpad Left - Left
Dpad Right - Right

Lachie4145 - Great helper, taught me alot
iMod1998 - Gave me a few pointers
Welsh - Few pointers as well
Anyone else who may have given me some advice along the way


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