Saturday, November 14, 2015

[Release] TeamESP

Hello all Members, Mr flood, Mr obvious, Mr google and Mr youtube xD
In this thread I bring my TeamESP for BlackShot, I am not a programmer and I dont wanna be one xD

Video proof:


Enable inside of macth.

Note 1: If u enter in Blue team must enable with hotkey UP(1 time)
Note 2: If u enter in Red team must enable with hotkey Down(1 time)
Note 3: IF u are inside Blue team just disable teamesp in hotkey UP(1 time)
Note 4: IF u are inside Red team just disable teamesp in hotkey Down(1 time)
Warning: If you enter in game and active teamesp but happens a bug name changing quickly, try fix it just pressing hotkey UP or DOWN(2 times for prevent be kick out),
once time controled this little bug, you must see what side you are and active teamesp correctly like explained above.
Note 5: TeamESP must worked fine if actived permanently whatever happens.
Note 6: NOT, DONT, NEVER take a situation that everytime that u die need re-active or each round need reactive, bcuz thus move to kicked out bug, you need make sure that note 1 or note 2 above was done correctally and teamesp keep enabled whatever happens.



Credits: Yulu
Thx by @Farah[Aisyah] by tutorial.


Injector --->

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