Friday, November 27, 2015

Engine Hacks Skill Special Force 2 V1.0.3

Operating systems :

Windows 8 >> Work

Windows 7 >> ?

Windows Vista >> ?

Windows Xp >> ?

ScreenShot :

Guide :
1) Run 'Cannon DLL Injector v1.0 by ccman32.exe' (as administrator)

2) Click on Settings, click on Manual Mapping and check Remove PE Headers

3) Click on Save Settings, set 'sf2.exe' as Target and Add '[Engine Hacks] by ZicoS77 v1.0.3.dll'

4) Open S.K.I.L.L and wait the loading

(Hide Menu : Lobby to In game & Login to lobby (activate menu InGame) or game crash (Insert = Hide Menu))

Xigncode3 detects Hack Error Message
- Delete all files present in Binaries/Win32/XIGNCODE/
- Clean your computer with CCleaner
- Retry
Log :

DirectX in ALPHA

Credit :

By :

Special Thanks :
N4n033 (Best Coder)
SystemX64 (Best Coder)
AeroMan (Legend)

Thanks :

PS: Hacks in alpha & Add Thanks

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