Wednesday, October 7, 2015

GTA V Mod Manager v1.2 [+ DLL Injector]

GTA V Mod Manager v1.2
Since the Method of how online Mods work changed I took some of my free time to extend my Mod Manager
with a Injector and DLL Support in general. Now it's possible to add DLL Mods to your list and just easily inject
them into the game. If you want to support me for my work on MPGH, please consider to donate. Thank you!
(You need .NET Framework 4.5 or higher to use this program!)

How to use it (Mods)
1. Start the program
2. Click "Add new Mod..." and select your mod
3. Check as many Mods you want in your list and press "Install Mods!"
4. Start the game
5. Have Fun

How to use it (DLLs)
1. Start the program
2. Click on the "Add Dll..." Button
3. Select your dll file
4. Select your dll in the list
5. Start GTA V and go into the main menu
6. Click the Inject Button and have fun


- Easily add mods and dlls to the manager
- Install multiply mods at the same time
- Inject a dll mod into the game
- Switch between Steam or Non-Steam (depends on which version of the game you have)
- Overview about all important informations and easy to manage mods
- Start the game directly from the mod manager (story/online)

Coded by tr0teK
Designed by Snowi


If you use this program you agree that I am not responsible for any damage taken to your files. Use at your own risk! Thank you.

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