Thursday, October 8, 2015

[1.29/DLL] RipTide Ultra | Version 1.2 | Undetected

Hey Guys

My menu previously used to be an asi and you all know by now we cant use that anymore because scripthook is detected and whatnot, so here i have ported it into the dll method to be injected so its undetected, over a week playing no bans. Just be careful

Weapon Mods are still in construction as the DLL port screwed it up, shit thats not safe has a safe mode toggle and is RED so those features are for use at your own risk! I have included a few new methods for getting safe money that you will see in the changelog!

Sorry if i missed your requests/suggestions i lost track of them all

RipTide Ultra PC Version 1.2 Changelog

added safe cash drop > in spawn pickups
added nametag esp > in misc options
recoded component editor > in player visuals
nearby peds attack selected Player > in Selected player > Trolling
ped cash vortex for self > Miscellanous Options
added RPM editor > Vehicle Options
added more animals > Player Visuals
added more cars > Vehicle Spawner
added rainbow gun > Weapon Options
fixed one shot kill > Self Options
fixed inf ammo > Self Options
fixed liscense plate issue > Vehicle Options > Los Santos Customs
add all horns not just 20 but 32 > vehicle options > Los Santos Customs
reduced notifcations (were abit too much)
add crew logo to car > Vehicle Options
Give Players Peds Cash Vortex > Selected Player > Spawn Pickups
added superman > Self Options



Numpad 7 - Open
Numpad 5 - Select
Numpad 9 - Back
Numpad 8 - Up
Numpad 2 - Down
Numpad 4 - Left
Numpad 6 - Right


LB + Down - Open
A - Select
B - Back
Dpad Up - Up
Dpad Down - Down
Dpad Left - Left
Dpad Right - Right

This is for all you people who cant figure out how to get the menu working (its not rocket science...)

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