Monday, September 28, 2015

Ultimate LoLZoomHack + Manual Update

-[ Greetings ]-
Hello people, since League of Legends had a mini patch this morning. I had to update my hack too, this hack now support manual update which now I will not create a new thread every time League decides to update but you guys will be available to update it via my signature!

-[ Video / How to use ]-

-[ How to manual update ]-

-[ Known bug/Notes ]-
-If you are available to zoomhack and change a value then somehow you close LoL, pointers will be loose and will not work until you start a new game.

-Work with my windows 10 x64 perfectly.
-If you have an error, add me on skype: uncypher maybe I could help. AND you could optimize this hack for newer updates

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