Friday, September 18, 2015

TRY THIS! Pink Chams (Blaster Head + Weapons Hack ) All In On

Pink Chams (Blaster Head + Weapons Hack ) All In On

  • Paste BabyBabyOh.nif here C:\Program Files (x86)\Garena Plus\Apps\BlackShot\BlackShot\Data
  • Paste TotalIten.bsv here C:\Program Files (x86)\Garena Plus\Apps\BlackShot\BlackShot\Data\_SG\CSV
  • Press key END after injection or when screen black come, and still on black screen when you see LoadingWeapom press Insert.

Video Preview 

 Note 1: Not have chat spam
Note 2: only chams
Note 3: U can edit file BabyBabyOh.nif like u want.
Note 4: Work on W7/W8/W10 - 64 bits
Note 5: Weapom Hack only on work in P2P channel and some weapom give DC

My files is clean different than other on web or here, Detection 0/∞.

Credits DLL/Nutella Edited/Totaliten Edited by: Yulu
Credits source by: MPGH
Credits BabyBabyOh.nif by: TimerOmega/Bengaludo

If you liked plz press thanks button, this will motivate me a lot, enjoy.

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