Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Too Many Accounts [MPGH] CS:GO 1.1 Aim Assistance/Skin Changer

Too Many Accounts [MPGH] CS:GO 1.1 Aim Assistance/Skin Changer

- If you used the previous version of the public please delete the previous config file in your CSGO folder conf.bcf.

- Insert key is to open the menu. It is changeable!
- To change keys click inside the box then press the key.
- All settings are changeable, FOV etc click inside the box and type the number
- Suppress aim assist when held will turn off the aimbot completely.
- This cheat will last 1-7 days after approval. Stop using it after 7 days.
- This hack should work on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 if you have the right injector.
- All changes in the cheat save upon change and closing.

League Information:
FACEIT: Undetected
CEVO: Not Tested
ESEA: Detected

Paint Kit Information:
- The skin only applies after purchasing a gun through the buy menu.
- You can find all Paint Kit ID's for all skins in the game by looking in the file items_game.txt

Changelog 1.0 to 1.1:
- Added the ability to use ALT as a hotkey
- Removed Visualize Aim Assist FOV Option
- Added Skin Changer ( Saves 14 different weapons )
- Various improvements and bug fixes
- New signature

Cheat Features:
- Aimbot + RCS
- Triggerbot
- Bunnyhop
- Skin Changer

- rwby
- Scourge
- @Truix

Virus Scans:  - Virus Total  - Jotti


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