Thursday, September 3, 2015

TaeJim Bot (Multi Account Launcher, Fishing, Boot Throw, Auto Decons) v1.2

Alright guys, I'm back with another release.Happy fishing guys <3. I'm working on more features if you guys have any suggestion post it in the comment, I will try to add it into my bot if I like your idea and ofcourse it has to be do-able . This was tested on Win7 x64 and Win10 x64 on Steam version.

If you like my work please +rep and press thanks.

[ Features ]
Auto Fishing
Works in all type of liquid: Water, Lava and Chocolate.
Multi Account Launcher
An Multi Account Loader.
Auto Drop Boot and Decons Trophy Fish
Auto Throw Boot and Decons Trophy Fish after x mins (You can config this).

[ Tutorial For Setting Up The Bot ]
Step 1: Download newest version of AHK if you dont already own one.
Step 2: Download the Archive below and Extract it into a New folder, name the folder whatever you want.
Step 3: Launch "TroveLauncher" as Administrator.
Step 4: Add all your bot accounts.
Step 5: Click on "Start All Accounts" and wait for it to finish start all your accounts.
Step 6: Click on each Trove window and setup your character like so (VERY IMPORTANT), also go into video setting ingame and set it to "LOW":

Set Up Your Character:

Step 7: After finish setting up all your bot accounts, go back to the TroveLauncher and click on Fishing Start, wait until it said fishing started.
Step 8: Now if you want it to start auto drop boot and decons then click on the "Boot and Decons Start" (When it is dropping boot and decons you will not be able to use your computer).

[ Tutorial For Updating The Bot ]
Every update the address for fishing will probably change so please keep update with my post I will post the new address asap. Here is how you change the address for my bot:
Step 1: Click on Setting button on my Bot.
Step 2: Edit the Address to the newest one that I updated in my signature.
Step 3: Click on Save and you are done.

[ F.A.Q ]
Q: Can you make the bot to drop boot in background?
A: No sorry as long as i am concern AHK have zero method to send mouse click in background. I already tried all possibilities so please dont ask for it.
Q: The bot doesnt resize my game window.
A: Some people say exit Teamviewer would fix the problem.
Q: Auto decons work great but it doesnt drop boot.
A: Make you in your video ingame setting you change it to "LOW".

[ Have Problems? ]
If you run across any hiccup make you cant run the bot here is what you can do:
1. Private message me.
2. Post it in this thread.
P/S: I will try my best to help you with your problems

[ Screenshots ]
[ Version History ]

Version: 1.0 | Release on: 01/09/2015
(VirusTotal (0/56) | Jotti Virus Scan (0/21))
- Initial Release v1.0
Version: 1.1 | Release on: 02/09/2015
(VirusTotal (0/55) | Jotti Virus Scan (0/21))
- Release v1.1
- Added Setting Button, this is where you can change the Address and the delay time between each boot drop and decons session.
- My bot now support up to 20 accounts.
- Fixed boot drop, I hope it now working for you guys
- Reorganized bot folder
- All .ini files will now created when you first launcher the "TroveLauncher.ahk"

Current Version: 1.2 | Release on: 02/09/2015
(VirusTotal (0/56) | Jotti Virus Scan (0/21))

- v1.2 Released
- Add fishing session delay time, you can change the delay in Setting.
- Fixed a bug where the bot won't decons a stack of fish.
- Modified the way the bot detect game window for dropping boot and decons trophy fish.
- The bot now name your game window of each account according to the account name you set for each account.
- Fixed a bug where bot sometime get glitch and keep pressing "F" when your computer get lag or CPU overload.

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